How to NOT Ruin Your Reputation with Social Media

How to NOT Ruin Your Reputation with Social Media

Social media can make a break a person. Literally. Their self-esteem, relationships, job opportunities, and so much more. So as a 20something year-old wanting to keep a clean record online, here are a few tips to help you not sabotage yourself or your reputation with social media.

Be authentic.

Social media has the power to make an Average Joe look like they live a Veuve lifestyle on a Korbel budget. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Korbel). But unless you’re trying to give off a fun, life-of-the-party, not-a-care in the world type of vibe in front of potential employers, partners, sponsorships and even the people you know IRL, keep the bottles of bubbly to a minimum. Celebrating a new job, promotion or raise? Pop away! But on a normal Friday night when you’re really just lounging on the couch with pizza and Netflix, your followers are probably doing the same and will resonate with you much more.

Don’t hide.

One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers do online is completely hide their online presence. It’s 2016, the first place potential employers are going to look for you is online. When it’s locked so tight and hidden, you end up looking sketchier than you do superior. Now this isn’t me saying to keep everything public for the world to see, privacy is one of the greatest elements of social media. Just try to stay visible somehow.

*There is one exception to hiding…and that’s your old, beer-funneling, frat-partying college photos. Hide that shit, no one needs to see that.

Watch what you share.

Re-sharing content is what keeps social media…social. However, when you overshare with photos, reposts, and other content that isn’t relevant or appropriate for your ‘audience’ of followers, you may soon find yourself slowly losing them. Not only is it annoying, but it may give off the impression you spend a bit too much time online.

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

The same social manners that you follow off-line, should be practiced online as well. (Unless you’re an obnoxious, rude, and unpleasant person IRL, it’s probably best for you to just stay offline all together). I understand it’s tempting to chime in with your two cents on a friends update that you don’t agree with but I’m telling you now…just.keep.scrolling. Misery loves company and this is one instance when you should not accept the invitation.

And last but not least…

Think twice before posting anything. 

Literally. Think three or four times before if you have to. Make a list in your head of all the people your content can hurt, offend, upset and then consider if that content is still worth posting. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you’d be most concerned about seeing your social media and what they would think about it. Remember, to be social isn’t to only think and talk about yourself… it’s to make connections with others.

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