Your Social Calendar for March 2017

Your Social Calendar for March 2017

Okay…who can actually believe it’s already MARCH?!

I know I’ve left you all hanging since September, but get your planner and March calendar ready because the Social Calendar is back! Check out all the fun things to do and celebrate this month!

3/1: ⛪️  Ash Wednesday. The time of year where half your social circle goes missing because they “gave it up for Lent.”

3/8: ???  International Women’s Day. Who runs the world? GIRLS! Take time today to celebrate you and the other fabulous women in your life!

3/10: ? ? ?  SXSW. Only the most coveted festival of the year for creatives. South by Southwest combines music, film and tech into one festival. Can’t make it to Austin this year? Don’t worry, there will be a social storm of updates to follow!

3/12: ?  Day Light Savings Time – by now, your cell phone and tablets will automatically update the time for you. But don’t forget to change your microwave and/or oven clock – I know I always do! It’s also Selection Sunday, so get your brackets ready! 

3/14:? PI Day – math lovers unite, today is your day! PI Day celebrates the infinite and non-repetitive nature of the one trillion digits beyond its decimal point of 3.14

3/16: ? March Madness Begins – while you were crying over losing sleep last Sunday, college basketball fans around the world were celebrating Selection Sunday and filling out their NCAA Tournament Brackets. Today, the madness begins.

3/17: ?? St. Patrick’s Day – it’s basically the Irish version of Cinco de Mayo. Grab your green and indulge in some green beer, corn beef and cabbage!

3/17: ?  World Sleep Day – Make up for that hour you lost or simply celebrate because we need all the sleep we can get.

3/19: ? Corn Dog Day – who doesn’t love food on a stick? Take yourself back to your favorite carnival when you were a kid with a hot corn dog!

3/28: ?  New Moon – time to set new intentions! New Moons are a great time to reevaluate your life and set positive new intentions to work on.

With your March calendar filled, make sure to also include a reminder to check back for April’s celebrations!

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